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25 best self-help ideas for tired parents

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Many parents often feel not passing fatigue and exhaustion. According to the research, moms work 98 hours a week, and they only have 17 minutes left for themselves.

One of the unexpected sources of parent fatigue is a sense of loneliness due to changes in relationships in the family and with friends. Loneliness not only leads to fatigue but also contributes to the feeling of burnout.

It is very important that parents care about themselves, about their own well-being. We must understand that the child is sensitive enough to the state of parents. When parents are emotionally stable, they have time to rest and recovery, they have more energy to fully engage in family activities.parents

Here are a few points that will help parents to strengthen relationships, restore internal strengths and fill their homes with harmony

  1. Write the text within 20 minutes. Write in a free flow everything that comes to mind. Pay attention to the feelings that appear to you at this moment
  2. Create a mood with music – include a song with a strong message, which you now need, perhaps one that was heard before the holes in high school. Or listen to the classics.
  3. Write and send a card to someone – a birthday greeting, a declaration of love or even for some special reason.
  4. Make yourself a delicious favorite drink: chamomile tea, hot chocolate or juice, slowly drink enjoying every sip.
  5. Plan at least one hour of hanging out with a close friend. Go for coffee, lunch, talk on the phone or go for a walk.
  6. Color the picture from the coloring book with the child or yourself. Also, focus on the process, do it slowly.
  7. Spread the positive on social networks. Spend 20 minutes to write good comments to your friends.
  8. Create a cozy place. Make a cave of blankets with your children and play, hide there together. Read more: How Should You Prepare Your Child to Start School?
  9. On one sheet of paper, write down everything that bothers you, drives you into stress or worries. Place a dash after each item and write one step at a time to resolve each issue. This will help ease your condition.
  10. Plan a special walk only together with your child – modeling, biking or attending a football match.
  11. Call a friend or a loved one and tell him: “It’s hard for me to cope with this. Do you mind if I talk to you about this? “
  12. Go for a walk, preferably in a forest or a pond. 13. Upload a thank your application to your smartphone and write down what you are thankful for: a short walk, a nice nanny, a cozy house. Read more: How to prepare your child for preschool
  13. Do someone a small favor – prepare something delicious for your grandmother, wash your partner’s car or help your sister with a choice of dresses.
  14. Do a short meditation. Closing your eyes, breathing deeply, concentrate on your breathing and say to yourself: “All sounds return to the breath, all thoughts return to the breath, all distractions return to the breath.”
  15. Do one tiny housework among the things that bother you – empty the drawer of the cabinet, give out one bag of clothes or clean one shelf of your refrigerator. Praise yourself for it.
  16. Sit on the couch, lift your legs and close your eyes. Take a nap or try to sleep. Pay attention to what appears when you close your eyes.
  17. Allow yourself a little sadness. Turn the ball into a blanket, turn it into sad music, eat chocolate ice cream or cry.
  18. Do a manicure. Choose an unusual color of nail polish on your feet.
  19. Follow the “rule of three”. Always be aware of the three things that you must strive for.
  20. Write down one goal or intention that you have for a week, and fix the sheet on the fridge. Remove all other magnets.
  21. Think of one thing that you could remove from your schedule, knowing that you will not lose anything. Then, in fact, remove this activity from your schedule.
  22. Choose what you are going to enjoy today. A hot shower, a walk, a train ride, a reading of a magazine or a book. Enjoy the process instead of just “doing it”.
  23. Go where you’ve never been before – a forest reserve, a new park, a beach, another library or theater. Read more: 10 mistakes in the human body, which create a lot of problems for us
  24. Think about how you compare yourself with others and feel bad – remind yourself that you rarely see another, the negative part of people’s lives, because they intentionally hide it, or do not want to share it.parents


Together with motherhood comes not only joy but also great fatigue. Sleepless nights because of child crying make the young parents very funny. Especially the overworked mummies differ. They wash diapers, change children into old ones or try to call, dialing the numbers on the remote from the TV.

There are so many “incidents” that we decided to choose the brightest stories. – I went for a walk with my two-month-old baby on the playground. I sit, drink juice, I read the magazine, I do not touch anyone, only passers-by somehow mow. Half an hour later my husband drove past and said sympathetically: “Let’s go home, dear.” Looked in the mirror – and I’m in curlers …. in large and colorful!

If parents are already knocking out the doorposts or are starting to forget something, confused, we must ask for help from relatives – parents, grandmothers. Let them sit a little with the baby, and the young ones will rest. And you need to rest with the mind. It is better to sleep two to three hours than to spend this time in front of the TV or a book.

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